Hype Machine


Too Fun To Miss

Bassist, Dan Evans, returns to Pittsburgh at the end of the month. What better way to celebrate than a show with plenty of surprises?! December 3rd we are sharing the stage with…

Thank You For Voting!!

To all of you that went and voted today, thank you! You have the right to create change here in the good ‘ol U.S.A. Exercise that right!!


Super stoked to be releasing a new EP on the first of JULY! //  Love offers understanding in everything  //  

EF2016 Audition

Super excited to have our submission in to play Electric Forest 2016!! The band and I have been waiting for the contest to open, preparing the newest single “Feel Like…

SDMF + “Feel Like Gold”

Hey y’all! There’re two very exciting dates coming up!   Saturday, January 16th – Strip District Music Festival I’m fortunate enough to be performing with the full band at the…

EMERSON JAY Headlines his First Show at Club Cafe

  DECEMBER 10th   Yes! EJ and the band are super excited for this one. Emerson will be revealing some of his new tracks that he plans to put on…